Memphis Family Law Mediation

Memphis family law mediation is a dispute-resolution process designed to assist parties resolve their conflicts without the necessity of expensive, lengthy and uncertain litigation.  As a trained Rule 31 Mediator, Mike Flexsenhar is a fully trained and experienced impartial and neutral third party to help you resolve your conflicts and disputes.

Family law mediation is especially important in the areas of child support and visitation, alimony, property division and other areas of the divorce and juvenile court process. Mediation is a required part of a contested divorce proceeding in Tennessee. Mike has the years of experience, training and dedication to help guide you through the mediation process successfully.

The Benefits of Family Law Mediationmemphis family law mediation

This dispute-resolution process is much quicker and cheaper than litigation, and it allows the parties themselves to be in control of the outcome of their dispute, in an informal and laid-back atmosphere, rather than leaving the outcome to a judge, jury or arbitrator.  This process allows the parties to complete and agree upon a creative and detailed solution to their problem or dispute which does not make one party a total “winner” and the other party a total “loser.”

Mediation requires the parties to make an informed, consensual and durable agreement, which is especially important in family law matters where the parties will have an ongoing relationship.  The mediation process is completely confidential and, if the process is not successful, parties retain all of their legal rights in the litigation or trial proceeding, and the mediator cannot be called to testify in court.  Mediation is available prior to filing any lawsuit; if a lawsuit is filed and pending, most Judges and Chancellors require formal Rule 31 Mediation prior to a full trial of the matter, unless excused for a legally valid reason.

With over 30 years of experience representing clients in family law matters, attorney Mike Flexsenhar brings this level of experience to the mediation process. Contact our office at (901) 523-1930 or on our contact page to set up a free initial consultation.