Memphis Family Law

All Memphis family law matters are complicated. And they can be emotionally painful for those involved. You need to work with a Memphis family law attorney every step of the way to make sure your rights are protected. Attorney Mike Flexsenhar has the experience to help you make your way through the process and is a caring professional with over 30 years of experience helping families – and people just like you.

Mike provides professional and compassionate guidance in family law matters to individuals in and around Memphis, including matters involving:

  • Contested & Uncontested Divorcememphis family law firm
  • Divorce Mediation (Rule 31)
  • Child Custody & Parenting Plans
  • Child Support & Spousal Support
  • Establishment of Parentage & Paternity
  • Post-Divorce Modifications
  • Property Division
  • Orders of Protection
  • Parental Relocation

And family law matters handled in:

Mike is also proud to be a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem assigned to protect the rights of minors throughout court matters.

Since 1983, Mike Flexsenhar has practiced in all of the areas of Memphis family law. As a former Juvenile Court staff attorney under Judge Kenneth Turner, Mike gained unique experience, insight and knowledge into family law matters. He brings years of experience and knowledge to each and every matter. Mike practices in Memphis and all of the surrounding area and in the courts of Shelby, Fayette and Tipton Counties regularly.

Working through the process can be an unsteady time. Mike will help you understand the process and what outcomes can be expected every step of the way. Whether you have questions about what to do, how to do it, or what to expect throughout the process our office can help. Help us learn about your matter in a free, no obligation consultation. Contact us by phone at (901) 523-1930 or via our contact page.