A Memphis Attorney to Help You With Your Parenting Plan

The issues of making decisions about your children are never easy and become more complicated and stressful when combined with the separation and divorce of parents.

A Parenting Plan is required as a part of all divorces in Tennessee where children are involved and are now recognized and encouraged in our Juvenile Court in cases where the parents are not married. Parents with the best intentions at heart may simply not know what needs to be included in these very important documents. Others may have entered into creating a plan without the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

Wherever you are at in the process, Attorney Mike Flexsenhar, Jr. can help you and the other parent develop a complete agreement that helps expedite the custody process and lowers the opportunity for future problems.

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What a Parenting Plan Must Contain and Why It Is Important

Parenting Plans are required as a part of your divorce in Tennessee when children are involved. These plans establish, and put down in writing, both the rights and the duties of each parent as well as how they will handle any special circumstances that may arise.

Once established, the Parenting Plan must be approved by the Court as part of your divorce, custody, or proceedings in Juvenile Court. Upon approval, the Parenting Plan becomes a court order signed by the judge and is enforceable by the Court. Parenting Plans can be somewhat difficult to modify after Court approval so it is very important to do the utmost to get it right and to consider and plan for issues involving your children in the future.

Mike knows the kinds of issues you, as parents, need to be considering and planning for as a part of the Parenting Plan. Mike can help you understand what needs to be in the Plan to be acceptable to and approved by the Court as well as functional for you. Parenting Plans can also be modified which takes the guidance and knowledge of an experienced attorney like Mike Flexsenhar, Jr.

Parenting Plans and Family Law

Parenting Plans are an important part of family law. Our office handles all family law matters with professionalism, integrity and dedication. We are experienced with Juvenile Court as well as the Circuit and Chancery Courts and all matters for those courts. Our family law practice areas include:

  • Divorce (Contested and Uncontested)
  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans
  • Establishing Parentage/Paternity
  • Visitation Matters including Grandparent Visitation Rights
  • Memphis Child Support, Support Modifications, and Collection
  • Mediation in all of the above

Parent Education Seminars

Tennessee requires that each parent entering into a permanent Parenting Plan in a divorce case shall attend a parent education seminar from an approved provider. Providers offer the required seminar at different times and dates and following the class, a Certificate of Completion is provided which must be filed with the appropriate court clerk. Learn more about parent education seminars including a listing of workshop providers.

Talk With an Experienced Memphis Family Law Attorney

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