As I pondered the worth of legal representation, I came to realize the importance of legal representation, in child-support hearings. Michael A. Flexsenhar’s skill as an attorney far exceeded my expectations in which words cannot describe. Innitially, my retroactive child support was roughly $70, 000. My back time was so high because the mom waited 14 years to put me on child support, thus making my case very complicated. Mr. Flexsenhar’s resourceful ability persuaded the judge to reduce the retroactive child support down to roughly $50,000. He saved me $20,000! I would foremost like to thank GOD for Mr.Flexsenhar‘s wisdom to articulate, and to convey to the judge my position as a father. If you need a champion to fight in the lion’s den, then the choice should be obvious; God to be your champion, and Mr. Flexsenhar to execute God’s will. Don’t suffer in silence! Call Mike Flexsenhar, he can minimize your losses, like he did for me.

Child Support