Memphis Family Law Attorney Mike Flexsenhar, Jr. has over 30 years of experience handling divorce, family law and juvenile court matters in Memphis and Shelby County. He has the experience, professionalism and dedication to resolving complex matters with care that you need at a challenging point in life.

Here is what some of Mike’s clients have to say…

I must say that the service provided by Mr. Michael Flexsenhar Jr. and his team is very genuine. I have never come across a lawyer who has shown such care and patience for his clients. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an authentic legal representative. He handles family law related cases. A huge thank you and many blessings!


As I pondered the worth of legal representation, I came to realize the importance of legal representation, in child-support hearings. Michael A. Flexsenhar’s skill as an attorney far exceeded my expectations in which words cannot describe. Innitially, my retroactive child support was roughly $70, 000. My back time was so high because the mom waited 14 years to put me on child support, thus making my case very complicated. Mr. Flexsenhar’s resourceful ability persuaded the judge to reduce the retroactive child support down to roughly $50,000. He saved me $20,000! I would foremost like to thank GOD for Mr.Flexsenhar‘s wisdom to articulate, and to convey to the judge my position as a father. If you need a champion to fight in the lion’s den, then the choice should be obvious; God to be your champion, and Mr. Flexsenhar to execute God’s will. Don’t suffer in silence! Call Mike Flexsenhar, he can minimize your losses, like he did for me.


Mike was my 3rd attorney, however was my 1st attorney since my divorce several years ago. He was referred to me by a good friend. Mike is a fair and honest guy with a brilliant legal mind. In my case Mike was able to clean up my original parenting plan and stop a lot of the unnecessary drama my ex was causing for my child. I also ended up with 50% more time with my child. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for representation from someone who cares and will fight on your behalf. He will always take calls and answer questions even after your case is over. I consider Mike as my attorney to this day and won’t hesitate to call on him again if I need to.


It has been a pleasure and pleasant experience working through my child support case with attorney Mike Flexsenhar. From beginning to the end of my case, he understood what was going on, and what I needed to occur. More than anything he was completely professional.. I would recommend him to anyone, I’m honored that attorney Mike Flexsenhar represented me.

This my personal testimonial for Attorney Michael Flexsenhar.  Mr. Flexsenhar has been my attorney for about 14 years and he came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED at that time and it stands the same today.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know whenever I’ve needed him throughout the years he was always been there. He’s very compassionate and honest with his clients. It’s beautiful when your attorney at law is always updated on the current laws that are in place. Over the years I’ve referred him to several of my friends/family which all have confirmed that we have the BEST ATTORNEY in the Memphis area.  In addition, he‘s very highly respected in the city of Memphis Court system.